Hipster on the Train


A really tiny 10"x8" inch acrylic painting I did from my sketchbook of a hipster on the train. She had the most amazing houndstooth coat... I had alot of fun drawing the patterns... and I love how the canvas looks at an angle... It's got this sort of contrast-y, opposing color thing on the sides of the painting that I added. (click to make it bigger!)

I also have it up on the etsy for sale here: [link]

And in bigger and better news: My old Epson wide format printer which died two years ago... has been REPLACED! I purchased a Canon Pixima printer... which means that I'm now able to sell my own prints again! (yay!) So, If you see anything on the site that you'd like to purchase as a print, send me an email (or send me a note through the contact page) and I'll let you know more. The only problem is that the biggest I can print is 13"x19" inches. Any bigger and you still have to purchase it through the inPrnt store.

Ok! Now that I'm done updating, I wish all of you a happy Fourth of July! Yay! I got a little lucky and have a 4 day weekend off... so perhaps more work will be posted up soon!