Stir – Illustration Friday



Originally created to be more about the 'stirring' instead of the 'shaken' part, but ended up venturing over to the other side.  (shaken! not stirred...) Although, i find myself stirring the drink once it's halfway finished. Ended up with a bit of a mardi gras theme because i coulden't get the phrase 'stir crazy' out of my head (which is also a strip club in Miami) and thought it should be in the context of some kind of large party.


  1. Emila says:

    very nice! love your interpretation.

  2. juca says:

    it stirred me up. this illo is not too cheerful, but i like it. lonely on a great party... hmm. 🙁

  3. bjorgnin says:


    Great illustration- anyway ;:OD)

  4. ashley says:

    ooh i like this! love the warm colours.