Summer Craft Fairs + Linocut Stamps

Oh, boy! This past weekend was spent selling at both the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn, and in Soho at the Bust Craftacular + The Seed event. We met lots of great people, and got some really nice photos of some of our wares. Right now, I'm actually creating a Lookbook from some of the photos taken. A few of my faves are at the very bottom of the post.

I've also (sort of) had alot more time on my hands lately, now that I've gone full-time freelancer. I've been really sick over the last few months, which lead me to my decision to stop working at my day job in Manhattan (I miss it already!) because of the crazy exhaustion I've had lately. So I've had lots of periods of working like crazy, napping, working more like crazy, more napping... Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that even though I had to leave, I now have more time to spread around and work on more commissioned illo work, and personal work. So right now I have a few amazing ideas that I'm trying to force myself to finish and get off the ground.

One of these happens to be... stamp carving! I got a bit addicted to it with the boxes that I customized for the jewelry I create. I wanted an easy way to brand all of the packaging without putting a dent in my wallet, so I took a few of the embossing skills I learned making wedding invitations and applied that to the packaging. I love how it turned out though, feels very much like a secret society sort of seal that would go on an envelope or something (but is a little too big for that... measures about 3 inches tall). Initially I was just going for something that was circular and had a frame, but then it sorta turned into the above.

Anyway, I've been furiously sketching out other ideas for more stamps and want to make maybe multiple colored ones? Not sure how I can get the registration right exactly... since I haven't done multiple-colored linocuts for about... 14 years or so!

Also if you've been following me on Facebook or Tumblr, you'll notice I've neglected my blog a bit... Sorry! Here's one more piece I never posted here, finally added to the blog!

And as I promised earlier, some really nice photos of the merch: