Life Altering Experiences

Two drawings to show here today: A pianist lost in chaos, who is in the spotlight trying not to reveal his frustrations, but failing. The second ( Porcelina ) is of a doll staring through her hand, empty of all emotion, inducting the viewer into a secret society and taking over their brain.

The Massacre drawing was created for a story about the frustration of being a musician, playing large events, and not making enough money from the events to live. Drawn with Sumi Ink on illustration board, a really quick and fun drawing.

With Porcelina, I was experiementing more with mediums, and trying something else besides acrylic... this time I tried using Prismacolor Art Stiks, which are basically colored pencil in stick form (minus the wood). Very fun to use, almost like using a waxy version of pastel crayons, but not as easy to blend. I like the look of it against the textured ink background I created with salt, but I think the color picks up too readily to use with acrylic. I used these ontop of some guache (both of these mediums that I own are at least 10 years old each, so I'm not completely surprised that the art stiks worked, however, the guache was a miracle! Although mostly dried up, I was able to add some water into the tube to sort of 'revive' parts of it. The hand looking through the eye is supposed to convey an 'all knowing' or 'all seeing' concept from the doll... to make it a bit more creepy!