A Short Comic & Halloween Mask

So the last 4 days were spent networking, browsing, and LEARNING about everything illustration and comic related at NYCC! It was great going, I really feel reinvigorated and inspired after attending and feel a drive to make new work! On the topic of new work, I've created two new pieces, the first a printable halloween mask you can download here, and print it out yourself!

Here's a picture of me wearing a black and white version from my lazer printer.

The second is a ... *gasp*... COMIC! Click the thumbnail below to read a larger version... I created one to prove to myself that I am totally over making comics and don't want to do it anymore. Well, that was a big lie. I'm going to have to keep exploring this... This one was about a ... splurge... that I probably should not have purchased while I was there...heh..

We didn't get a chance to vend at NYCC due to shortage of the funds this year, but definately next year make sure to look out for Eyeheart.us on the floor in 2013. Here's to new projects and inspirations!