Outta Space + Gallery Nucleus + Spring Events

My pianist drawing, The Massacre was chosen by Society of Illustration Los Angeles for their 51st Annual exhibition at Gallery Nucleus! It was only up for a week, but still, just being able to have my work in the space was mind-blowing... I still can't believe it happened. The limited edition print also sold as well, which made me even happier to know that there are people out there (including all you amazing readers) that like my work! For alot of artists, we work so hard at creating work, usually with our heads down. We don't always immediately see the progress that we've made with your work. Oftentimes, events can occur weeks, or even months apart... but its the little things like the show (and every single person that has ever showed their support, commenting or even buying work) that keep me optimistic that I'm not just creating work for myself! 🙂

etsy-4x6_postcard-v2 Speaking of people who love my work! Nate and I have a ton of comic and craft shows lined up for the summer...

Annd.... the lovely flyer to the left was designed by me as well... I hope to see you all there! If not, we'll definitely post pictures, and post online the our new merch that you can buy. Unfortunately, these are all NYC located events... we're hoping to branch out a bit more one day, but for now, our budget limits us to just the NY area. However, if you have a shop and you'd be interested in carrying any of our items, or even just image licensing, feel free to send me a note and get in touch!

Also, below is a new design for another shirt we're planning to release:




It'll be printed on an organic cotton scoop neck t-shirt (my favorite style of shirt! Super excited about wearing this one!) from Alternative Apparel. We did alot of research into this company, and although we usually go for only US made clothing, we decided for our budget, (and since ladies styled shirts in general are so pricey!) to keep things low priced, that Alternative would be the best company for us, for this style of shirt right now.

Would you like to see any of my other designs as a tee? Leave a comment below with your favorite!