MF Gallery + Bottleneck Gallery + New Work

Hey all, tomorrow night in Brooklyn at the awesome MF Gallery, I'll be part of their 10th Anniversary show! Everything will be under $100 at the show, and you can snag one of my rare mini paintings!


MF Gallery's 10th Anniversary Extravaganza
Saturday, June 8th, 2013
213 Bond Street, Brooklyn, NY

These are all 5x5 inches on canvas stretchers or mounted on a wood block, and ready to hang! Email me here for inquiries on availability. The artist list is pretty impressive, I'm super excited to be showing alongside all of these names:

Anonymous Art, Christie Bastett 2329, Mike Bell, Cory Benhatzel, John Stuart Berger, Eric Bleich, Stephen Blickenstaff, Scott Boilard, Paolo Bonfilglio, Edward Cao, Fernando Carpaneda, Vinney Cavallo, David M. Cook, Kristen Ferrell, Rudy Fig, Kirsten Flaherty, Alessandra Fusi, Laura Galbraith, Heather Gargon, GH-05-T, Christina Graf, Scott Holloway, Annie Hunter, Sigal Arad Inbar, Moses Jaen, Junker Jane, Nicole Johnson, Aya Kakeda, Alex Kirzhner, Steve Lew, Abe Lincoln Jr., Drew Maillard, Greg Maillard, Sara A. Martin, Gina Martynova, Angie Mason, Tara McPherson, PJ McQuade, missElvia, Joanna Mulder, Michael Nirenberg, Daniel No Fi, Johannah O'Donnell, Bianca Panzram, Bruce Parker, Angel "Mud" Perez, Lisa Petrucci, Phresha, Eric Pigors, Gio Pistone, Pufferella, Riot Queer, Pasquale Reca, Mark Riddick, Monica Roache, Lou Rusconi, Frank Russo, John Russo, Martina Secondo Russo, Peter Rodriguez, Chad Savage, Scarecrowoven, Dan Scheckler, Bob Scott, Joe Simko, Nicole Steen, Tyson Summers, L'Amour Supreme, Kristin Tennyson, Aaron Tompkins, Twerps!, Corey Urlacher, Vahge, Vertebrae 33, Sophie C'est la Vie, Michelle Waters, "Crazy" Glenn Wernig, Cinnamon Willis, Mirmy Winn, and many more.


I also forgot to mention! I also collaborated with Nate Bear to do this awesome Futurama inspired piece for the last group show at Bottleneck Gallery's, "I Love You, Man". It was the first time we actually finished a collaboration between the two of us! Anndddd we got it screen printed too! ANDDD AND! We embossed it as well! It was super fun to create, and I'm pretty happy with the result! Get yourself a copy from the gallery here!


See Nate's post about the process here.

... and something new i'm working on... Colored version soon!


based off of this awesome outfit here (I LOOOOVE! ):

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 4.15.20 PM