Halloween is almost here!


My favorite holiday, Halloween, is almost here! <3 I like starting off the season with the New York Comic Con this weekend, a nice way to get it started! I am a bit disappointed Nate and I didn't end up buying a table this year, but in the end, we did have a valid reason! We're working on our own little collaboration (on the biological side of things)... and its been a bit more difficult than usual to get around and do all the art shows / craft fairs / and conventions we normally do. (For instance, I was supposed to travel to MD for this years' Small Press Expo, but had to miss it! I was--and still am-- super upset about not being able to make it!) However, in spite of these minor setbacks, I did also manage to create a ton of these lovely vinyl and laminated zombie Halloween stickers that you can purchase on the Etsy store here:


Which aren't really just for Halloween, but for any of you zombie lovers out there! I didn't do my usual hand-inked style, but decided to work in illustrator for a change... I do LOVE how crisp the lines turn out, and of course, what's not to love about the infinitely scaling feature??? I can blow this thing up to a million feet high and it won't take up more than a few KB on my hard drive! I <3 Vector! Although, my other half ( who almost exclusively works in vectors ) has been telling me to check out Manga Studio instead, so I guess I'll have to try that later this month as well.

Have you just started working in vector art? Have you tried Manga Studio? How does it compare to Illustrator and which do you love best?

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