299444580163926387_51811421Very influenced by Caribbean and art deco,  Laura loves to draw dream-like experiences, fashion sketches, hand-lettering, and any challenge that you ask.  Interested in licensing, or having Laura at an event? Make sure to send her a note!

Tools of the trade include ink, acrylics, and a wacom tablet.

Her work has been featured in: American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Gallery Nucleus, Bottleneck Gallery, MF Gallery, The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration, Juxtapoz Online, Illustrophile.com, Faesthetic Magazine, Digital Arts Magazine, Moloko Plus Magazine, Parenting.com, Saveur.com, High Times Magazine, The Blood Dumpster, Destination Gallery, Jewcy, and on various other galleries and blogs outside and around the web.

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