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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Still trecking through the semester... and starting to feel a bit more worn out... *shakes fist* but i must go on! Here are some updated works... not my favorites (because they aren't about my thesis) but rather interesting nonetheless...

Its one of the two illustrations i did based on the Saturday Night Fever movie with John Travolta, and various other oldie famous people in it...It's a pretty interesting movie until it shocks you with the racist /sexist remarks made... but maybe that was supposed to be part of the movie?... anyway... i still need to fix a few things in it, but for the most part i'm lovin' the colors...

And this piece is a sort of re-investigation of Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream... Flamenco style... Not sure if i like the guitar background shape in there, but i'm not sure i'll really be hanging on to this peice anyway... i'd love to re-draw it but i dont think i'd have enough time till graduation was over... *sigh* speaking of TIME... my graduation exhibition proposal is due in a few hours and i must finish that --and a bunch of other things... wahhhhh....


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