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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

coloring - for the girl who has everything

I know i wanted to finish this a while back, but... life stresses have really put me off. A loss of someone special, combined with moving to a new area... very overwhelming! Also... the subject matter of these recent pieces are really too close to the things that were going on in my own life... so i avoided finishing it for a while now. but THANKFULLY, i'm finally back on track and here's a preview...

I really need to go find my scanner... i have a ton of sketchbook things to post! I saw the Murakami exhibit as well (since i live right next to the museum) ...with my MOM...which was the weirdest thing ever (she said she could handle the explict sexuality/nudity part but... it was an attempt at least!--although she did like the Luis Vuitton handbags...).


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