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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Behind the Curtains

The digital, finished, version of the curtains painting i did a while back ...

I'm slowly getting shows lined up for 2010! Here I come! :)

Deciding whether or not to visit family for Christmas is a difficult decision, but I'm just so totally broke from trying to pay off debt, and a kinda scary (but not completely horrible!) surgery I have to save up for (which insurance doesn't really cover) ... I keep thinking I wish my parents had enough money to help me out, but then I realize, I should be able to (sorta) pay for things on my own... Which I've been doing since I was in college! It's just... alot to pay out of pocket :( I won't have the surgery for a few months, but here's hoping I come out alive!! (I've never been under the knife, let alone in the hospital for anything!!) Either way, I'm glad this winter break is coming up so soon, so I can have more time to spend doin' the drawin's.

PS! I got engaged a few weeks ago (yay!) and am planning something awesome...! Hopefully by the time it comes around we'll both have enough money to pay for stuff.


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