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Hipster on the Train


A really tiny 10″x8″ inch acrylic painting I did from my sketchbook of a hipster on the train. She had the most amazing houndstooth coat… I had alot of fun drawing the patterns… and I love how the canvas looks at an angle… It’s got this sort of contrast-y, opposing color thing on the sides of the painting that I added. (click to make it bigger!) I also have it…

Sea of Madness

The Sea of Madness

Ok, quick title change! And it is fin! The fun part was putting in the little glowing lights. Really added to the mood of the whole thing. And the upside down/multi-leveled part completed the confusion. Speaking of madness… I’ve been going mad a bit too lately. Apartment has been smoke-ified by downstairs neighbor even after countless complaints. Ah, what use is a lease if it isn’t actually worth anything? *sigh*. On the…

Never Enough Time (Postal Service)

… Sometimes. Well… most times, actually. A re-do of one of the Travesty piece… And some sketches below. The one of the 4 eyed (well 2 eyed, but with glasses) shark toothed monster is supposed to be me when I’m at work. Usually it’s fun, just not when I’ve got crazy tight deadlines… (and yes, I do like to take my shoes off… feels GOOOOOOD!) I’ve been having the weirdest…

i reworked my final first assignment for fashion illustration…i made it into 4 seperate peices instead of one really long one… and i added vectorrrsss!! yay! i’m pretty happy with the revision. I used Lila Parfait as my model… i figured i didn’t have enough artwork involving her, so ….yeah. fun times. i feel so much better about my artwork!