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Layover + Aellopus


Finally finished this beast! Mixture of ink and computer for this one, about 30″x 22″. They’re escaping from … city life! Perhaps moving to Cali? That seems to be on everyone’s minds these days… well mine at least. If its one thing creating this peice made me miss, its having a enough of a view to be able to watch the sun set, without having buildings in the way. Concrete…

Goldie Gilda Quickie


I’ve been watching too many 1950’s movies lately… Ahh but with it comes great inspiration! The most recent one I watched was called Gilda… hilarious and amazing movie! (mostly hilarious because the storyline was so ridiculous at times, but amazing because it’s this old and its still good!)

Alternative Medication + Puppies


Just thought I’d share a few pieces I did for an article about alternatives to medicating children with debilitating illnesses… coming out in this December’s issue of Medical Marijuana. It was really great to work on and a very interesting topic as well! Also, thought I’d also post up a preview sketch of another project being worked on as well… For an upcoming show on ‘Spirit Animals’. I’m really excited to finish this! Also,…

Sea of Madness

The Sea of Madness

Ok, quick title change! And it is fin! The fun part was putting in the little glowing lights. Really added to the mood of the whole thing. And the upside down/multi-leveled part completed the confusion. Speaking of madness… I’ve been going mad a bit too lately. Apartment has been smoke-ified by downstairs neighbor even after countless complaints. Ah, what use is a lease if it isn’t actually worth anything? *sigh*. On the…

A Motherload of all posts: New (ish) pieces

I finally got around to not being lazy and decided I’d post up some work I did over the past two months and update everyone. (yes! I’m still alive!) Velvet Love. This one’s pretty small, about 15″ x 15″ started with acrylic+ink and then finished on the computer. I really love how the tattoo turned out. Oh Yeah. Just another sequel to my “Oh Me, Oh My” piece. It’s all…