So I finally left the western hemisphere and visited Rome in Italy! Super inspiring! Took lots of pictures, and stocked up on textures for future projects… one of the few things that really amazed me were the mosaics… some of the mosaics looked like paintings, but when I zoomed in with the camera discovered it was a mosaic!! 40 foot tall mosaic made up of pieces of tile that looked…


Need to be immortalized on paper?


Do you need to be immortalized on paper? Well I have a solution for you! Get a portrait drawn in pencil, ink, or digital color! Message me for rates ♥ Hope everyone has had an awesome 2011, and is looking forward to having an over the top 2012! … well, you better! Especially since this is the LAST YEAR ON THE MAYAN CALENDAR!!!! You can find me in my yurt…


Prepping for the Bust Craftacular!


Prepping some holiday themed stuff for the Bust Craftacular that Nate and I will be selling at December 10th and 11th… (well, we’ll actually be there only one of the two days, but not sure which one we’re on yet!) These three are hand-painted experiments for cards…  We’ll also have lots of the usual prints, postcards, totes, and tee’s, and a few more surprises!


Happy Halloween!


Just a lil’ Doodle from the ole’ sketchy book. I think I was channeling Alice Meichi Li for this one…! My Halloween costume had a last min change… Nate and I ended up going to a Victorian-themed murder mystery party saturday night, dressed up as Nicki Minaj, although… with Victorian clothes. Hey! At least two people guessed what my costume was! … Anyway! For those of you with kids, or…


Lil’ G (Gina Bear) + Spirit Animal Show


Did this quick life drawing sketch of Lil’ G (Gina Bear) our youngest puppy. Kinda in tribute to the upcoming Spirit Animal show at the White Rabbit Gallery that’ll feature some dogs in it somewhat similar to Gina… Although much bigger versions… Doberman pincher sized! I’d like to pretend that If i did have a spirit animal, that there would be giant doberman pincher-esque dogs that could consume whatever evil…


Bear Trap + Pete’s Candy Store + NYCC


Completed “Bear Trap” tonight… It’s a quick 18″x18″ mixed media painting on Arches paper… This came out of trying to make another similar to “Don’t Know How to Feel”. I really liked how it had come out, and wanted to create a series, but got distracted and never did. So! In the spirit of dreams, nightmares, and wishful thinking, out of my head popped “Bear Trap”. It’s very much about…


Back from the wedding hiatus!


Finally the wedding is OVER. Can’t say how happy it is to finally have time to get back to everything else. Although, despite the wedding planning, Nate and I did manage to use it as an opportunity to create some new pieces– even if it was just for the wedding! We each created Kidrobot customs for all of the table centerpieces, and you can see photos of all of them here. We put them…